For nearly 50 years, Ensa has proven to be a highly qualified, multi-system component and services provider to nuclear power plants worldwide.


Ensa is located in Spain, with internationally renowned product quality, including an ASME N stamp and a sound technological base for all fabrication processes. Importantly, Ensa has competitive lead times.


Ensa excels and is a leader in activities such as:


  • Big nuclear island NSSS components fabrication: vessels, steam generators, SMRs/AMRs, pressurizers, and similar critical items
  • Integral fuel management cycle, from initial concept through the entire design and licensing process to fabrication, delivery, training, and support for a variety of items, like casks, racks, and containers
  • The ITER Vacuum Vessel fabrication and installation and other fusion projects
  • Engineering, design for manufacture, and project management
  • Having 25+ years of experience in experimental reactors, new generation reactors, and advanced reactors
  • Comprehensive and fully certified Advanced Technology Center, industry leading multiple laboratories, and Ensa’s R&D program
  • Auxiliary equipment design and fabrication for heat exchangers, tanks, and complex tooling
  • A complete portfolio of services and solutions to utilities: on-site operations and inspections, outage support, equipment, and component repair and maintenance
  • Dismantling, decommissioning, and waste management capabilities


As a recent active member of OCNI, Ensa wishes to introduce its background, capabilities and describe its strategy as a partner for the Canadian nuclear industry. Ensa is focused on supporting current and future Canadian nuclear programs by adding significant value to local industry and companies.


Join us on January 19, 2022, at 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST to learn how Ensa can help Canada reach its carbon-free electricity objectives.

OCNI Member Spotlight - Ensa: A new partner to support Canadian nuclear programs

  • Wednesday Jan 19 2022, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Virtual