With over 60 years of science and technology innovation coupled with a robust domestic supply chain, Canada is taking global leadership to new levels with the deployment and development of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). SMRs are the latest advancement that can play a critical role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately supporting Canada in reaching its net-zero goal by 2050.

Understanding and awareness about nuclear energy and the positive impact SMRs could have on Canada and the planet may not be well known in the broader public and remote communities. This series of webinars will provide insight into all aspects of SMRs in Canada, highlighting Western Canada’s collaboration and the legislation, policy, and regulations that will apply to and support Canada’s SMR technology innovations. 

Join the Canadian Nuclear Law Organization (CNLO) for this webinar series as we dive deeper into the development, challenges, and expectations for SMRs in Western Canada.

In episode two of this series, our panel of experts will provide an insightful overview of nuclear law and processes, challenges, and policies. Specifically, the Canadian Federal government's five-year review on the Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act, the process for approving new nuclear projects, and applicable regulatory process and challenges for waste management will be addressed.


  • Regulatory Processes for Nuclear Projects in Canada, including federal requirements of both impact assessment (social, economic and environmental) and licensing and pre-licensing options for new technologies, including the vendor design review by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)
  • Canadian Federal government's five-year review of the Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act and an update on liability insurance requirements for SMRs
  • Regulatory challenges for nuclear waste management including the transportation of spent fuel to an anticipated permanent long-term disposal facility in Ontario


  • Jamie Fairchild, Senior Advisor | Uranium and Radioactive Waste Division, NRCan
  • Doug Taylor, Vice President and General Counsel, NWMO
  • Lisa Thiele, Vice-President, Legal and Commission Affairs & Senior General Counsel, CNSC
  • Stan Berger, CNLO (Moderator)

CNLO SMRs in Western Canada Series - Nuclear Law 101: What you need to know (Episode 2)

  • Tuesday June 21 2022, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Virtual