Please join OCNI and the Fusion Energy Council of Canada (FECC) for our webinar on the status of fusion technology in Canada and around the world.  Controlled nuclear fusion is often  described as “creating a sun on earth”.

This is the first Fusion Event under the auspices of the FECC-OCNI MOU signed on March 11, 2021. Learn about the challenges of harnessing nuclear fusion and about the almost limitless energy that fusion can bring to future generations.  

Nuclear Fusion: Great Potential and Challenges

An Overview of Fusion Energy Generation, Deployment, and Uses

Starting with a comparative overview of fission and fusion fundamentals, the extraordinary clean-energy production potential of fusion is outlined. Current major fusion energy production concepts are based on hydrogen isotope plasmas, at temperatures in the range of 100 million degrees Celsius. Plasma confinement by magnetic and inertial techniques is illustrated by reference to the ITER, JET, and NIF projects. While sustained fusion with net energy production remains to be achieved, the goal seems within reach. Novel technologies, including superconducting magnets and high-power lasers are accelerating progress towards sustained fusion, leading to active consideration of fusion pilot/demonstration plants by public-private partnerships in the USA, United Kingdom, China, and elsewhere.

Canada will soon ratify a Nuclear Cooperation Agreement (NCA) with ITER under which Canadian entities can work with ITER on a variety of tritium handling, robotics and other technologies in which Canada has unique capabilities.

The scientific and technical challenges of fusion energy production are objectively characterized. Similarly, the implications of fusion energy deployment and uses for business, government, and the environment are outlined at a high-level, together with their opportunities and risks. FECC is committed to advance fusion in collaboration with partners from government, academia, industry, and industry associations like OCNI.

The presentation is followed by a question-and-answer session, in which Allan Offenberger (Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta and; Founding President, Fusion Energy Council of Canada) will also participate.


Nuclear Fusion: Great Potential and Challenges

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  • Tuesday Apr 20 2021, 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
  • Virtual (Webex)